Motorola MH230R – 23 Mile Range Talkabout 2-Way Radios, PAIR


This Pair of Motorola MH230R, 23 Mile Range Talkabout 2-Way Radios is a must-have communication tool for every outdoor enthusiast. Use them for rock climbing, camping, outdoor hiking trips and much more. These Motorola 2-way radios are suitable for keeping family and friends in touch. Tune in to one of the seven NOAA channels to monitor local and regional weather broadcasts. These Motorola radios provide you with warnings so you don’t head out into a storm. They have full 22-frequency capacity with 121 codes to reduce interruptions. They use Quiet talk functionality. It allows them to only communicate with compatible products. These Motorola radios charge in four different ways. The set also comes with two belt clips, a dual drop-in charger, an adapter and two battery packs.

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<strong><br></strong><b>Motorola 22 Channel Radio:</b><ul><li>Pair of Motorola MH230R, 23 Mile Range Talkabout 2-Way Radios lets you find the best conditions for your rocky climbing outing</li><li>Tune into one of 7 NOAA channels on your Motorola MH230R 23 Mile Two-Way Radio for continuous local and regional weather broadcasting</li><li>Weather alerts will provide you with warnings of incoming weather to protect you from the danger of a sudden storm</li><li>Motorola radios have full 22-frequency capacity with 121 privacy codes to reduce interruptions</li><li>Motorola QT (Quiet talk) functionality allows the radios to be set so they can communicate with other compatible Motorola products, adding yet another level of distinction from other manufacturers</li><li>Motorola 2-way radios are designed to fit every lifestyle, the MH230 walkie talkie allows you the convenience of charging four distinct ways</li><li>Use the provided desktop charger at home or a mini-USB car cable on your way to soccer practice</li><li>Pack a mini-USB wall cable for recharge in the hotel during your family vacation or simply charge from your PC when no power outlet is available using a mini-USB PC cable</li><li>Mini-USB car, wall and PC cables are sold separately</li><li>Model includes 2 radios, 2 belt clips, 1 dual drop in charger, 1 charging adapter and 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs</li></ul>

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